Past, present & future

Here you can stroll through some of the projects that I’ve been involved in from the past, some stuff I’m currently working on, and even some ideas that I’d like to develop in the near future. If you have any questions regarding these projects, please drop me a line from the contact page.

  • Louise

    This is Louise – a super elegant boutique hotel project located in Ankara’s bustling Cankaya district.

  • Bakkal

    Bakkal is a delicatessen and charcuterie shop with a small restaurant on the wonderful island of Bozcaada.

  • Bakkal City
    Bakkal City

    Expanding the Bakkal concept to villages, towns, and even the big cities, in a peace-loving franchise.

  • Margaux Restaurant
    Margaux Restaurant

    Margaux Restaurant was established in 2001 at the entrance of Suzer Plaza in Taksim, Istanbul.

  • Ansen Suites
    Ansen Suites

    Ansen Suites, established in 2004, is an exquisite boutique hotel in the heart of Istanbul, in the historical neighborhood of Beyoglu.

  • NYX

    NYX was established in 1996, as one of Istanbul’s premier night-clubs and restaurants, in what used to be a decrepit old warehouse in a most unlikely location of the city.