Margaux Restaurant

Margaux Restaurant was established in 2001 at the entrance of Suzer Plaza in Taksim, Istanbul. Operating as a reservation only, exclusive eatery catering for the over 30 crowd, Margaux Restaurant offered high quality cuisine and fine wines under the consultancy of Mike Norman, a good friend of mine and regular collaborator.

With a modern-classic decor and sophisticated touches throughout the establishment, Margaux was a huge success, and is remembered fondly by it’s clients to this day.

Occupying approximately 500 square meters with seating for around 100 guests, Margaux offered a semi-open kitchen, where guests could observe their food being prepared by the chef and team as they dined. Soon after Margaux opened it’s doors to the public, it became apparent amongst the sophisticated eat-out crowd that the wine list offered was perhaps the best in the city, with an unbelievable selection of the world’s most sought after wines. Margaux operated with an exceptionally educated and well trained staff, and always delivered good vibes to what is usually a very selective and fussy clientele.

I was responsible for creating and conceptualizing the whole Margaux project from A to Z. This also included recruiting and training the team, as well as making sure, through endless little details, that the ‘soul’ of the place remained intriguing and sought after by the clientele. I remained as an operator and manager for the restaurant for some time, and then moved on to other projects.

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